Tuesday 6 November 2012

Nano #1 update--mmh, quite worrying

So, I decided to take part in nano--I just couldn't help it. (I tried last year. Let's just say the wordcount was so low it wasn't funny.) There was much too enthusiasm floating around plus I saw was an opportunity to finally work on a story I've been longing to embark on for awhile now. I joined this writing frenzy.

And frenzied I was for the first two days.

First....a bit about my project:

The title I'm working with right now is 'House of Hearts' a mature young adult contemporary romance. I love the story, the characters--although they are driving me crazy at the moment as they take over my conversations with my patients. It's a much needed break from Reaper's Novice.

Anyway, this year I went in with my story loosely outlined--I'm not sure if my mind really understands the 'outlining' concept, because what I have is something close to words and  a lot of doodling -- and my characters yapping inside my head (which is great because I'm getting to know them). And guess what? The amount of gusto I leapt in with, really helped me whip out 2000 words the first day. Man, was I riding high on adrenaline--or whatever writers ride on when the story  flows smoothly. Until the shifts at work started getting in my way. Now I'm only 4758 words in Nano on the 6th day. Very worrying.

I hope to catch up on my word count and with the story in the next days. I have two free days coming up. So that's about 3577 words to catch up. mmh, as I said, it's quite worrying and I don't want to give up halfway or quarter way, or whatever way for that matter.

I found this cute and useful program: write or die. I'm in love! I can't remember ever loving a software like I do this one. It allows you to type the amount of words and how many minutes one hopes to accomplish to type them out, to gauge how fast one can type. I found out, for about twenty minutes, I could type about 700 words. Pretty cool, I think.

On other news: My daughter's birthday is coming up. Her wish: a costume party. Another wish is one of those costumes from Monster High dolls, Draculaura to be exact. Plus, she would like --has requested several times-- three to four Monster High dolls as gifts. They cost around 32 euros each O_O. I'm sort of resenting this new doll trend right now..LOL. I'm really looking forward to this, though. Birthdays are so much fun!

What about you? What are you looking forward to? Are you Nano-ing this year?