Monday, 2 December 2013

Catch up: November/December

November flew by so fast, and before I knew it December had sneaked up on me.  So, what happened in November? I decided to take part in NaNoWrimo, and wrote Fate and Other Coincidences, and boy, What a ride! Aiming to hit the 50k mark was such a wonderful adventure.

The first week I was full of energy. The story was clearly mapped out in my head, and on paper. This was me on that first day.

supernatural gifs photo:  hellsyeah_zps7787fddd.gif   

I managed to write about 13k words, then something happened. I just...stopped. I couldn't write anymore, and I'm not sure why that happened. So I started to procrastinate, and when I wasn't working my full-time job, I curled up on the sofa watching Telly and doing something similar to this...

supernatural gifs photo: Where's the pie? pie2-dean_zps4fc865c8.gif

Third week whacked me on the head so hard I finally woke up from my 'writing coma'. I decided to reread my story again to try and get that mojo back. And finally when everything clicked together I was like.. 

supernatural gifs photo:  ohyou.gif


  supernatural gifs photo: Dancing tumblr_inline_mulhinOTpR1rmduop.gif
 So the last one and a half weeks in November became a marathon of sorts. To keep myself from crumbling in a heap on the floor, trying to catch up with the wordcount, I'd pep-talk myself and really mean these words:

supernatural gifs photo: I think I'm adorable 2 tumblr_mw61fdvYZb1sqeq3do1_250.gif

 By 29th I had about 47k words in my proverbial bag, and by midnight, I was done! imagine my joy!  I decided to do a 'Singing in the Rain' dance move. and also. click my heels Dean's style--I've always wanted to do that, and this seemed like a very good time to try it out. :D

 supernatural gifs photo: Dancing Dean dance-1.gif

It wasn't enough, so I thought, why not try something crazy, you know. Get down and dance it out of my system

supernatural gifs photo: Dancing jensengettingdown.gif

So that was my November. Told you it was pretty wild. :) I'm trying to catch up with A Need So Insatiable edits. I decided to revamp the cover. The cover rereveal is scheduled for 16th December, and is being organised by  the ├╝ber-awesome Kylie of Give Me Books. After that, I'll start outlining Cloaked Devices #1. I haven't come up with a suitable title for the book, but ... yeah. I'm looking for a word that stars with 'H', so if you have an idea, please, please help me out here.
 Christmas is around the corner which means it's time for me to work on my shopping list, hunt down a Christmas tree and have fun decorating it with my kiddies. Oh, and try to be a good girl so Santa can give me something I've been wishing for. :)

So how was your November? How's your December coming along?