Friday 15 March 2013

H.D. Gordon's Shooting Stars Release Day Blitz

Happy Friday, friends! I am really excited to be part of H.D. Gordon's new book release blitz , Shooting Stars, the first book in the A Surah Stormsong Novel. For a chance to win a copy of Shooting Stars, the rafflecopter can be found at the end of this post. May I present to you..

Title: Shooting Stars (A Surah Stormsong Novel #1)
Author: H.D. Gordon
Publisher: ShareAread
Release Date: March 15th, 2013
Formats:  E-book
Goodreads TBR:
Cover Artist: Regina Wamba

Shooting Stars Synopsis

Once upon a time, a common boy fell in love with a princess. It was a hopeless, forbidden love, grown in a world where sorcery and magic rule over all. Now, dark times are brewing, and destiny will bring them together, while fate works to keep them apart. Extraordinary battles will be fought, and extraordinary choices made. Join the author of The Alexa Montgomery Saga for the beginning of a tale of star-crossed lovers and magic, of hope and love and loss, of desperate wishes made on stars.

Early praise for the author

“From the very first sentence the author has you hooked and wanting to read more.”
Tt ~Goodreads

“This debut novel from H.D. Gordon has everything what I love in ya. Romance, suspense, action, kick ass heroine and of course smokin hot Kayden. I loved every moment of this book and I found it extremely difficult to put down. “
Patrycja ~ Goodreads

“She keeps the reader's attention throughout the novel with unique twists in the ever unfolding plot.”
Tiffany {A Purrfect Read} ~Goodreads

Blood Warrior has one of the best Chapter One opening and ending I’ve ever read.
Cecilia Robert ~ Goodreads


Surah spun around on her heel, the smile gone from her face, her voice flat. Her princess-etiquette momentarily discarded. “The Black Stone is missing, Shaman. A Highborn lady is dead. Demons just flew out of my father’s fireplace and tried to kill him. How is it you think I should be acting?”
Bassil clasped his hands together in front of him and smiled humbly. “Ah, a real reaction from the princess. You are getting better at showing your emotions, my lady.”
Surah’s head tilted back, a mischievous glint in her eye, and flung a bottle of purple potion at the shaman with her Magic. Bassil laughed and his hand shot up, halting the bottle mid-flight. He moved his hand to the side and the vial settled on Surah’s dresser. Surah relaxed a little, taking comfort in the interaction. She had grown up with Bassil. He had been her mentor since she was a little girl, and this was a normal exchange between them.
“You still throw like a princess I see,” he said.
Surah rolled her eyes and continued picking out bottles for the spell. “I thought you were here to help me,” she said. “Isn’t there something you should be setting up? What do we pay you for?”
Bassil laughed again. “My wise council, of course, and you seem to be doing a fair job of it yourself, my lady.”
Surah inventoried her selections so far, turning her back to Bassil and replacing the unneeded bottles. “Maybe I should tell Samson to bite you,” she said. Her head turned to the side again. “He likes dark meat, you know.”
Bassil looked down to see the tiger looking at him with those golden eyes, and took a step away from the window where Samson was perched. He knew Surah wasn’t serious, but the tiger had been listening, and now he could practically see the idea playing out in the beast’s head. “Very funny, my lady,” he said.

About the Author

H. D. Gordon is the author of The Alexa Montgomery Saga. Blood Warrior, the first book of the Alexa series was her debut novel and has held a spot in the top 100 fantasy bestsellers for over a month. Half Black Soul is the second book in this series and H. D. plans to complete Alexa's tales by the end of 2012. In June of 2012, Joe, a fantasy novel about a young clairvoyant, was released as well. H. D. is a lifelong reader and writer, a true lover of words. When she is not reading or writing she is raising her two daughters, playing a little guitar, and spending time with her family. She is twenty three years old and lives in the northeastern United States.
You can follow H.D. Gordon at:

The Alexa Montgomery Saga 

Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #1)
Blood Warrior:
When her home is attacked by murderous vampires, 17-year-old Alexa is forced to leave her mother for dead in order to save her sister. She soon learns that she is the last known member of an elite race of supernatural Warriors, and is thrust into a world full of vampires and werewolves who all seem to regard her as some sort of savior. Meanwhile, Alexa battles a monster within herself that seeks to gain control; a monster that seeks blood.

The hidden city she finds herself in appears perfect, but Alexa's instincts tell her that all is not right within its walls. When she is asked to attend a school of fighters, whose exams consist of gladiator-style competitions, she must decide who she can trust among the smiling faces. And, when she meets Kayden, a vampire she feels undeniably drawn to, she must decide if she can trust herself.
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The Alexa Montgomery Saga

Half Black Soul (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #2)

Half Black Soul

In the past few weeks Alexa Montgomery has had her entire world flipped upside down. She's gone from living a semi-normal teenage life to a life full of vampires and werewolves who all expect her to deliver them from the control of an evil dictator.

Alexa is the last of her kind; a Sun Warrior, and now she has left the safety of Two Rivers to search for her mother, but she's left her sister behind to do so, and Nelly is the one person that she was told that she must always protect. Kayden, a vampire who is Alexa's other half, has followed her on her journey. But, secrets are about to come out, relationships will break and danger lies just up ahead. Will Alexa be able to get through all of this and make it out alive? And, will she be able to protect Nelly from danger when she is so far away?
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The Alexa Montgomery Saga

The Rise (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #3)
The Rise:

The supernatural world in which Alexa Montgomery has found herself is on the brink of war. She is charged with the task of raising an army, defeating an evil dictator, and struggling to contain the bloodthirsty monster that lives within her.

These are things Alexa can handle, but when the person she loves most in the world takes a turn for the worst, Alexa's loyalty and determination will be tested in the most horrifying of ways. Will she be able to rise to the challenge, or will her love for her sister kill her once and for all?(
The Dwellers Saga books are now available everywhere eBooks and paperbacks are sold via Also, David pledged when he started writing to always respond to his readers, and he loves getting comments and questions, so please contact him using one of his favorite social networking sites below.  He loves to get in contact with readers.
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The Alexa Montgomery Saga 

Redemption (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #4)

The final test is here. The war is no longer a worry of tomorrow, but a reality of today. Turning back is no longer an option. Maybe it never was. It is time for Alexa Montgomery to look fate in the eyes. Death waits there for certain. The only question is... for who?

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Other books by H.D. Gordon


From the author of the Alexa Montgomery Saga, comes a book that will take you into the mind of a genuine psychopath, the lives of six ordinary people, and the world of a very special girl named Joe.

Joe is seemingly an ordinary college student. She works, studies and reads. But in between these activities Joe has a gift that promises to add a dose of color to her life at any given moment. Joe sees things before they happen. Bad things, and the worst thing she has ever faced is just around the corner. Someone is planning a massacre at the college university that Joe attends, and the only person with a hope of stopping the psychopath is her.

Oh, the beauty of foresight. More like a curse. Joe has four days to figure out the mystery, make plans to take down the psycho, and save the lives of people. People like you and me. Ordinary people.

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