Sunday 12 August 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome back for another six sentences. If you missed the previous six sentences from my YA urban fantasy, Reaper's Novice, and would like to catch up, please click HERE and the second part HERE.

Today I'll post the next six from the dinner scene: 

Not when they look like two fighters in a ring about to charge at each other. 
My gaze shifts to Anton, his shoulders hunched, as if to ward off the words cracking the air like a whip. I look to Lucy next, her tiny shoulders trembling as she lifts a small, slender hand and wipes her nose.
Mom’s voice bursts from her lips like bullets in a quiet forest, jerking my attention back to her and Dad. “You should have told me. You didn’t bother because you don’t respect me. My decisions.” Her sky blue eyes flash at Dad, her cheeks flushed.

Feedback/Comments are ALWAYS welcome. Anyone up for meteor showers watching tonight? Here in Vienna should be around midnight.
 Have a meteorlicious Sunday