Saturday 17 March 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Thank you so much Ann Marie Walker for this lovely award. Liebster in german means - Sweetheart - So, I am really honoured. :) Be sure to check Anne's blog out. It's fairly new but awesome nonetheless. 

I am really happy to present this award plus a warm virtual hug to the following:

1. Martina @ Have you seen her blog? It's just wow! And she makes me laugh besides being a wonderful friend and fellow Viennese. 

2.Shilpa @ A fellow author and a friend. The author of Always You which was released on 6th March 2012. 

3. Najla @ A friend and from my point of view, Midas on heels. Probably better that Midas. Have you see the covers she designs? She's AMAZING! 

4.KaSonndra @ the author of 'When Copper Suns Fall' a fantastic read and a wonderful and supportive friend. 

5. Sasha @ A fellow Inkspeller and she brings a smile on my face. She is the author of Medusa, A love story to be pubished through Crescent Moon Press. Another of her titles will be published through Inkspell Publishing.

There you go! Now, let's raise our glasses. *clink clink*