Sunday 5 August 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. Today's Six sentences are the continuation of the dinner scene I posted last week. To read the previous one, please click HERE 

Here we go:.

My hand clutches my chest to ease the needles stabbing my heart, while the other hand grips my fork, poking at my dinner, long gone cold.
For the last hour, Mom and Dad have glared at each other to the point that the air snaps with tiny sparks of their anger. The tension in the room gains momentum, looming like a black hideous cloud, its content potently toxic.I should leave them alone, take my brother and sister, go upstairs, lock the door, and shut out their voices. My eyes zoom in on the cutlery scattered on the checkered white and green table runner, glinting slyly under the four-bulb dining room chandelier, inviting and lethal. The thought of leaving the room flees my mind

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