Thursday 7 June 2012

Dreaming Elusive Scene Solution

Last evening after the kids went to bed, I perched myself on my seat in front of my laptop to work on my daily word count for my YA fantasy. I sat. And sat, staring at the screen blankly, trying to sort out the scene which I meant to write for that day. My staring changed to frustrated glaring.

A while back when I outlined the story,  everything had been so clear, but for some reason, I couldn't really see the scene as I had imagined it before.  Being on my feet the whole day at my day job, and my brain screaming "I'm tired leave me alone" wasn't helping either.

I sighed, shut my laptop, snatched my kindle from my worktable and headed to bed.

As I lay in bed, I began analysing what the problem was, why that particular scene was giving me a problem. in between lying awake and my eyes fluttering shut, I began running the story's outline in my head (my kindle forgotten) up to the end of the story, but still had a problem with how to tackle that particular scene. So with that part of the story in mind, I finally drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, I had the full scene sequentially figured out. I could see how the chapter begins and how it ends - It's something sad that happens to my MC, and probably why my brain couldn't handle sad and tired simultaneously the evening before. Maybe I dreamt about it as I clutched onto the elusive scene, and the last threads of consciousness before falling asleep. I can't remember. One thing is for sure. I'm as happy as a bee.. :D

I'm really interested to hear your elusive/annoying scene/problems solutions. Please share, share.. :D