Monday 9 July 2012

Check out my awesome awards!

I received this wonderful awards from the lovely  C. Lee McKenzie

List your 5 favourite books. 

1. Shatter Me by Taheri Mafi.
2. Delirium by Lauren Oliver  
3. Easy by Tammara Webber
4. A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught
5.Psy-changelling series by Nalini Singh. I couldnt really choose one in this series becuase I love all the books in this series. Worldbuilding is well done.

5 fabulous moments

1. The click moment - that's what I call the moment I solve a plot problem that has been bother ing me for a while in my story

2. It is so uplifting to see a smile from one of my elderly clients when I've done something as small as, well, handing him/her a glass of water. Makes me feel...appreciated. :)

3. Every second I get to spend with my children.

4. The moment I pull the cake from the oven and see the middle is still puffed up - I have a problem at times almost always, for some reason my cakes obey the law of gravity and sink in the middle.

5. When I open my eyes to a new day, with birds chirping out my window

5 Things i love 

1. Love watching TV - My Sat receiver blew up last week after a blood-chilling storm. The last few days have been quite depressing. I'll feel alive once again if it's in working order.

2. Oh, I love sleeping ALOT. Just to catch up with the hours I have to wake up early in the morning.

3. My children

4. To read a book while cuddled up on my favourite burgundy couch.

5. Oldies. There is nothing like the seventies and eighties music.

5 Thinks I dislike

1. Dishonesty
2. People who take advantage of others people's good intentions
3. Gossip
4. Being idle
5. People who have nothing better to do than nit-pick for other people's faults.

5 people I would like to share this awards with:

1. Martina
2. C.A. Szarek
3. Liz Davis
4. Mina
5. Debbie Brown

Happy Monday!