Tuesday 10 January 2012

Tuesday Tales 10 Jan 2012

Lies and other disasters…like Love

It had always been just that: lies laced heavily with sweet words to resemble love.
Yeah, right. Disasters like love.  Quickly, she yanked the last drawer open, grabbed the lacy undergarments from inside, and shoved them inside her suitcase. After a quick inspection around to make sure she hadn’t left anything, she snapped the suitcase shut, and flipped the locks.

Ha! If Seb thought he was going to lie to her once again, he was in for a surprise. A big fat Yasmin-is-missing-surprise. She brushed angrily at her eyes.

She dragged the heavy suitcase down the stairs. Abruptly, she froze on her tracks, and tilted her head. Just outside the door, tires crunched on gravel. She glanced at the clock. 4 p.m. Her heart rattled around the chest, and her eyes darted around the expanse living room searching for a way to escape. A pointless as the action was. The only route of escape was the door leading to the front porch. Last winter, Seb had locked up the garden door for good after a burglary attempt.

Propelled by her anger, disappointment and her need to escape, she lifted the suitcase from the ground, which had only moments ago weighed like an elephant, and dashed to the kitchen. Quickly she shoved it under the counter and dove after it, trying as much as possible to make herself small. Well as far as her long legs and curvy hips could allow. Which wasn’t much.

There was a sound of keys on the lock, then the door opening and closing followed by silence. From where she crouched low on the floor, Yasmin wrinkled her nose as the smell of freshly polished wood tickled her nose.

The silence was broken by the tap tap of footsteps leading up the wooden stairs. Once again stillness surrounded her. She exhaled, all energy seeping away from her body.

Better get out of her before he comes back.

She stifled a groaned as she unfolded her jeans clad legs from the fetal position, and pulled the suitcase from under the counter. She lifted it in her arms. Now that her relief that Seb was nowhere in the living room, and she could escape him had sucked all the strength, she almost crumbled under the weight.

Oh hell! Maybe I should just leave it and sneak in later, She thought.


She yelped and dropped the suitcase, and in turn it dropped on her feet. She yowled at the pain, and started hopping up and down, trying as best as she could not to fall over while clutching her foot. She tried unsuccessfully to glower at Seb, at the same time blinking back tears and noticed he wasn't wearing an shoes. No wonder she hadn't heard him descend down the stairs.

His eyes flicked to the now open suitcase with her garments sprawled all over the floor, and glanced back at her.

He moved closer,  but she halted him with one her free hand while the other massaged her throbbing foot.

“You’re leaving? Why?” His voice dripped with disbelief, and ...hurt?

Ooh, he wore that innocent look so well. “I can’t stay here any longer.” She tried maintaining her dignity, still hopping. She bit her lip hoping to focus on the pain . Maybe if the pain shifted to her lip, and she’d be able to stand on her own to feet instead of hopping about like a grasshopper. 

“Why?” he asked again, this time his eyes clouding with barely hidden pain. 

Could she have been wrong about him?

“You lied to me, Seb. You could have told me the truth. Was it the money?”

He frowned, confusion mingling with pain. “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

Finally, pain subsided but just a notch. Cautiously, she dropped her foot to the floor. “We made a pact. We were suppose to work on the case together. A team.” She poked a finger towards him. “But what did you choose to do? You went ahead and signed the contract. You put my life in danger. My dad will never agree to anything I say.”

Seb snatched her  finger and slowly pulled her to him. “So little faith in me, sweets. You thought I’d hand you over just like that? To the dragon of a woman you call your mother?”

She blinked. “Isn’t that what you did?”

He chuckled. “No. I changed the terms of the contract. I traded the money for you. No amount of money can compare to you, Yasmin.”

Her breathing accelerated, at the same time heat flooded her cheeks. She lowered her gaze. “I guess it’s my turn to feel embarrassed. I had assumed the worst.”

He leaned back, his eyes narrowed and his fingers tips caressing the nape of her neck all the while.“Hmmm. I’d love to hear about it.”

She shifted from one foot to the other, her eyes searching the room, noting how bright the room suddenly seemed. She took a deep breath, and smiled shyly. “Er..um..Lies and other disasters… like Love.” 

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