Wednesday 9 October 2013

What inspires you?

Hey guys!  It's been a while since I blogged so today I wanted to let you take a peek inside my mind..LOL. It's a bit chaotic in there right now but I'll try to calm my thoughts long enough for you to get a quick look.

Today I'm talking about what inspired me to write Homecoming, my upcoming paranormal romance with steam punk and fantasy elements, but first just a quick announcement. My critique Partner, Priya Kanaparti is looking for bloggers & authors to help with the cover reveal for her YA Paranormal Romance, Dracian Legacy. If you have time and would like to help out, here is the signup link:

**Warning**: Homecoming is a little bit steamy so it's not recommended to readers below 18 years so I will refrain from talking about the degrees of the stories' steaminess...:D

Homecoming is set in a fictional shifters world called Anndesia. The story is set 75 years after WWII. Here is a short prologue taken from Anndesia History, a written by  Solomon Drakovic. (one of the founders even though this  is not mentioned in the story. I will be releasing more excerpts from the book in the full length novel.)


Seventy-five years ago, Earth was a place thriving with humans. Shifters lived among them, albeit hiding their true nature, until one morning when the world woke up to find everything had gone to hell. World War II had begun. A group of human scientists invented bacteria that would “scare” the population. They were wrong. The plague that emerged as a result of these scares almost eliminated the entire populace. Only the blood from shifter clans could save the survivors.

Now Earth is a wasteland. Uninhabitable. Gifted humans, very rare and valued highly, live alongside the various shifter races in Anndesia, under the protection of the clan leaders.

Excerpt from Anndesia History by Solomon Drakovic

So this world is scattered with humans with some amazing powers. The first we meet is Uriel who manupilates both fire and air elements, powers he inherited from his ancestors. He's a pain in the Hero's butt, but also quite funny. My Inspiration for creating the elementals was Avatar: The Last Airbender.  As you all know, I am a HUGE fan of this series. I've been known to rave one too many times about it..LOL. But yeah...

Then for the shifter panthers...I LOVE cats. Have you seen how sleek and beautiful and powerful they are? How their muscles move as they prowl around? I've watched several videos featuring panthers. I never seem to get enough. But that's not all. The story has all Kind of shifters, even Antelope shifters!! yeah I know, I just had to include them. They are so cute and kinda fast. They also play a part in this Society.

When it came to adding the steampunk elements--although there aren't so many in this installment-- I love steamships and everything else the steampunk era. The difference is that my ship in this short story is steered partly by humans who possess the air element and the other part by steam. Ah, it was fun planning and plotting this story.

So what is your inspiration? What inspired you to write your current WIP or published book or writing blogposts? What elements of in a story inspire you to pick a book and read it?