Wednesday 2 May 2012

Insecure Writers Group

Thanks to Alex Cavanaugh for hosting this support Group.

Recently I went back to my WIP dark fantasy, Reaper's Novice. I had combined it with the A-Z challenge, which was a challenge in itself, but had a lot of fun along the way, and met lot's of wonderful people.

The challenging thing about my YA dark fantasy is writing the dialogue. That's not been easy. I've been hanging around teens (my son is one) my ears perked up, trying to catch on, but the kids sort of stop talking when I'm hanging around them. And give me weird looks, so I end up shifting on my feet, or head out to buy pizza to loosen them up abit. And the rest of the time, they talk in low voices and grunt and laugh. On the behaviour side of a teen, I've got it 100%, but dialogues, that's a challenge.

I'm really curious to hear what other writers go about this issue. What do you do? Any advice?