Thursday 27 September 2012

Kristy Centeno's A Stranger in the Night Cover Reveal.

I am so excited to present Kristy's Centeno's cover reveal. She is a fellow Inkspell author, and a friend. I just love the cover + the description.

Book Description:

Keiran McDermott has lived by one simple rule for over a hundred years: keep a safe distance from humans at all times. He knows from experience that close proximity to them can be disastrous and more often than not, end up badly. But when the need to explore a nearby town places him directly in the path of a woman being stalked by two foul predators, the instinct to protect the young beauty from the men intent on causing her harm forces him to break his self-imposed law.

However, once she’s safely away from her attackers, Keiran finds himself locked in another battle. He knows his weakness can kill; it did so in the past. But how can he find the courage to stay away when the image of her lovely face torments his mind?

When a new threat forces him to come to Celine’s aid again, will Keiran be able to fight temptation long enough to keep her alive and protected, even from himself?

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Erotic Romance/Contemporary Romance

Rerelease: December, 2012

Publisher: Tease Publishing LLC

Cover art design: Amanda Kelsey ~

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