Wednesday 25 April 2012

V is for Venice and Vienna

Oh, Venice! The home to the famous Italian baroque composer, Antonio Vivaldi, and one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Venice is one of those places right up there on my list that I'd love to visit hopefully soon.

Things to do while in Venice - although I hear it is expensive, they have a gift for bargaining the price. And if they do it like we do in Kenya, then I'm sure I'll be fine. haha.

1. Get around in a gondola -this is is up, up there on my list :)
2. Visit the carnivale dressed and masked like it's going out of style.
3. Check out Casa Di Giuletta, probably write a note or two to Romeo -oh which reminds me of the movie Letters to romantic.
4. Take a Grand Tour on the Canal

The carnival starts 40 days before Easter and ends the day before Ash Wednesday. According to history, the Venica Carneval tradition started in 1162.

Vienna and Venice have one thing in common. Well, alot, but one thing I found out while researching for a project was that Vivaldi moved from Venice to Vienna.

Vienna is where I live, and it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever lived in. It is  the capital city of Austria, the City Of Music, and the place Sigmund Freud developed his ideas. Although, he was born in Moravia, his family moved to Vienna when he was 5. There are also other important personalities who were known to have been born or had lived in Vienna. Another example is the brilliant Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Although he was born in Salzburg, was a court musician in Salzburg, he visited Vienna in 1781 and chose to stay. Maria Antoinette the Archduchess of Austria and Queen of France was born here as well.
It is said that the name Vienna is of Celtic origins. The history of Vienna goes back to 500BC when the Celts settled along the Danube river. Later on during the middle ages, Vienna was home to the Babenburg Dynasty and later became the resident city of the Habsburg dynasties

Things to do while in Vienna:

I wrote a couple of posts of places to visit for this challenge, like Schönbrunn Palace, the Opera. Other places worth seeing are the St Stephen's Cathedral which is located in the 1st District in Vienna. The interior is magnificent and so is the view up on the Northern Tower of the Cathedral, where you experience a beautiful view of the city.
In summer, one can enjoy sitting outside the cafes, enjoy Viennese coffee and pastries, or have the most delicious ice cream ever. Take a walk along the cobbled stoned 'Am Graben'. This street is reserved for pedestrians and is scattered with shops, cafes.

The Mozarthaus is one place to visit if you'd like to know more about Mozart and his geniusness. Everything Mozart plus conzerts are held here. This is the entrance, the area around it is still maintained - sort of medieval style.

Belvedere - this is a historical building which used to be the summer palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy. It consists of two Baroque palaces. Belvedere is know for its beautiful gardens and museum. This is quite a huge place, and worth the time.

Prater - It's a large public park and houses the  largest amusement park in Austria, known for the Giant Ferris wheel.

Last week, my daughter and I did an impromptu visit to Madame Toussands at the Prater. She wasn't feeling so well, and her paedetrician's is to the park. It was fun. Here are some photos of her. I can guarantee you after this trip, she was feeling much, much better..LOL