Saturday 12 November 2011

Flashes of Revenge By Darren Sant

Flashes of Revenge
Author: Darren Sant
Book Title: Flashes of Revenge (6 short stories)
Source: from Author

Revenge is one of the most powerful motivating forces we can experience. A wild justice that seeks no counsel or consults no jury. People have written films about it such as Quentin Tarantino's epic two-film extravaganza Kill Bill. There have been classic novels such as Carrie by Stephen King.

Flashes of Revenge is Darren Sant's take on the idea of revenge. It's not all blood and guts. He takes a humorous sideways glance at the idea in one or two stories. Revenge can come in many forms. It can be as brutal as a stiletto to the kidneys or as cruel as a rabbit in a pot.

Are you ready to look below the surface at the dark heart of revenge? Flashes of Revenge is a collection of six short sharp tales that will leave you looking over your shoulder and wonder who might be after you.

A man walks the streets on a rainy night with just one sinister goal in mind.

A cynical hard drinking rock journalist has a surprise in store back stage at a gig.

An arranged rendezvous in a smoky dive on the wrong side of town.

A man awakes to find he is bound to a chair and with no idea why.

Two bitter rivals in a show down in a New Orleans alleyway.

Two old guys meet in a pub but is all as innocent as it seems to onlookers?

My Review:
Revenge is bittersweet.Darren Sant's Flashes of Revenge is a collection of 6 short story, where revenge is served fast,mercilessly and without warning.

In just a few words the author manages to tell a complete story, capture its mood with descriptive writing that is wonderfully done,the character traits and thoughts and the motivating factor for revenge. It was a fast, entertaining read and I enjoyed the stories, particularly 'The Ungrateful Dead'.

If you are a fan of intense stories that don't shy away from the human nature and give you a visual of the character's surroundings and thoughts, short stories that give you a full story in just a few words, I would recommend Darren Sant's Flashes of Revenge. Totally looking forward to reading other written works from the author. 

5/5 stars