Friday 3 February 2012

Spread Love, not Hate

Spread Love, Not Hate

"Spread Love, Not Hate" is an event hosted by authors K.C. Neal and K.M. Parr, to stop the spread of bullying.

Bullying is: 

Cruel, selfish and unkind behaviour or actions  courtesy of Macmillan dictionary

I am assuming that every one of us has been bullied in one way or another, at one time or another; whether by a ‘friend’, in school, I’d say it goes as far as within the family as well – a child, wife or husband. Saying demeaning words, aggressive, to the extent of physical abuse….  Or maybe you have done your own bullying to someone knowingly or unknowingly.  A reader to an author and vice versa. The comments which go further to a personal level. Even editors to authors, author to author, blogger to blogger, beta readers to authors and the other way round.  It happens and in my opinion, bullying takes many forms.

It HURTS, whether it's face to face, or through internet.  The world is not a perfect place, but we shouldn’t make it worse by bullying other people. So I’d implore anyone who reads this post, if you are angry, or for whatever reason you feel the urge to speak out ugly words, take a deep breath, even go for a run around the block. Restrain yourself.  Remember, put yourself in the shoes of the one who will be receiving those words. Or actions. Ask yourself:

How would you feel if it were you?

Have a bullying-free weekend. J