Friday 1 February 2013

Addicted to Heroines blog hop

Hello friends,

I am taking part in the Addicted to Heroines blog tour which runs from February 1st -February 10th. Thank you Alesha Escobar for coming up with such a wonderful idea. Other girls participating in this hop Samantha, Alesha, Devorah, Francine. To enter the ebook giveaways, here is the link Rafflecopter

Today on the hot spot is Ana Maria, Reaper's Novice heroine. Welcome, Ana.Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview, Ana. So before we continue, can I offer something to drink?

*smiles* Oh I would love a glass of raspberry juice please.

So tell us a little about your yourself.

*shifts on her seat* Well, my name is Ana Maria Tei, and currently I work for as his Novice.

Let’s move on to you being chosen by Grim himself, um Ernest. Is it okay to talk about that? How has it been working for Ernest?

Sure. Ernest is,well,interesting. That's the only word I can find to describe him. Working for him has been an eye opener and emotional roller coaster. Wouldn't have known there exists so many creatures. I know that most people fear death itself. I used to, until I joined Ernest.

Let's talk about some of the perks that come with your job.

I can shift to places people only dream about within the blink of an eye, plus knowing that I've helped a soul come in terms with dying through soul conversation. Priceless.

What challenges have you faced so far in your profession?

The worst: soul snatchers. I really try to be on my client's collection site on time, otherwise they soul-nap souls. Oh you'd shudder if you knew what happens to the souls afterwords. I've had other challenges, like getting  used to the job itself and the creatures which roam our world. I've learned to expect anything, and every time I receive collection instructions, I hold my breath, wondering if it's someone I am close to. That is the hardest part.

 Zig. What did you think of him the first time you met?

A pain in the butt.

*chuckles* And now?

He’s grown on me, sort of. *grins*

So you traded your soul to work for Ernest. How difficult was the decision, knowing you will be bound to eternity? Wasn’t that kind of impulsive, reckless even?

Impulsive and reckless maybe. But I just couldn't let go. The hardest part will be parting with them when they finally...leave.

Where can you be found, when not collecting souls?

Dining at Ernest's castle or hanging out with my family, and best friend Lea. Now that I have learned to shift to several places, it's been easy visiting her in Italy.
You can join me on my adventures in Reaper's Novice, get to know me, my family and friends. Have to warn you though, my life through those pages is not all roses and diamonds, so tread with caution.

Thank you for joining us, Ana. All the best.

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