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Tuesday Tales Feb 14th, 2012

Welcome to another Tuesday Tales, another tale. The prompt this week is HEART. So, here is an excerpt from my WIP

My mind wandered as I gazed up the tall building, and swallowed hard as I focussed on the flashing neon signs.

House of Hearts.

 My thoughts stuttered, and my breath caught in my throat. 

 Valentines. My friends and I were attending The Valentine’s ball. Being dateless wasn’t very appealing, especially when all my friends already had dates. I needed a man urgently.
This was a place where if one wanted, their wildest dreams would be fulfilled. It was like being in a candy shop of sorts.

Taking a deep breathe, I wiped my hands on my black skirt and took a wobbly step forward.

Here I go.

I sighed as the warmth inside the hallway wrapped around me, comforting and welcoming.  My eyes darted around the dim lit hallway. Vases of roses were scattered on tables and shelves in the reception area. Men and Women in suits drifted in and out if rooms – which I assumed were offices – and disappeared in to others. No one seemed to pay attention to the going ons around them. My eyes bounced back to the reception desk where a woman with long, dark hair was busy on the phone.

I can do this.  It’s just a date, nothing more. 

Taking in a deep, shaky breath I squared my shoulders adjusted my handbag strap around my arm, and strolled forward.
Immediately the woman ended her call, and swung her beautiful, glossy head towards me and smiled.

I cleared my throat, ignoring the choking jealousy rolling through me.

“My name’s Elisabeth M-“

“Muer.” She completed the sentence for me. I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

Didn’t they have any other clients? Or had my voice sounded so desperate on the phone that they’d marked it?

“Oh, I see that I surprised you. We try to keep up with our clients.”

I frowned. “So it’s not because you don’t have many clients.”

She laughed. “No. As a matter of fact we have a lot of clients coming in today. We tend to know and value our clients.”

I breathed out in relief, and watched as she lowered her head and began typing something in the computer.

“Ok, then. Please go to room 5, that’s down the hallway, the first door to the right.”

I thanked her, and paused, deliberating if I should turn the way I had come. And end up dateless at the ball?

I smoothed my skirt and followed the direction I had been told. 

Room number 5. I paused, and took a deep breath, then turned the door handle. I paused as my eyes sought out who I was going to see, and narrowed on the man sitting four meters in front of me. My breathing hitched and his head lifted up and surveyed me critically.

Be still my thudding heart, I murmured under my breath,  urging my feet forward.

Slowly, he unfolded himself from the leather seat, and his lips lifted in a wonderful, extremely sexy smile – or maybe it was my over starved mind. He walked around the table, and extended his hand towards me.

“Hello, Ms Muer. I’ve been expecting you.” He paused – thank goodness, because I needed to take a deep breath, to digest this gorgeous man standing in front of me. His smile widened as if he read my thoughts. “I’m Aleksander.”

More of Elisabeth and Aleksander's story, next Tuesday.

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