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Tuesday Tales 24 - 01- 2012

Another Tuesday, another Tale. Glad you stopped by.The Prompt this week is game. So here's mine. Happy Reading!

In his golden eyes, she saw insatiable hunger that had nothing to do with him lusting after her, and everything to do with her being a mid-lunch snack. Deadly didn't even begin to describe him. She fought hard to hide a smile; he probably didn't realize that she was just as deadly.

Abruptly, he stopped pacing, and crossed his arms over his chest, his eyes narrowed to slits as if in concentration. 
She paused as well, eyeing him warily, and fisted her hands to stop the trembling. 

Probably weighing how much I'd fill his stomach. 

"So,  your father sent you? A mere girl, not a day older than Twenty is my guess." 

Selicia bristled, the triumphant feeling of before evaporating at the tone of his voice. "And you know that how?"

His eyes travelled up and down the length of her short height, and chuckled. "Go back, little girl. Tell your employer to send someone more...worthy of my attentions."

“Oh, is that so?”

He laughed. She felt as if each nerve in her body tingled at the quality of that laugh. “Let me guess. I offended your girlie sensibilities.”

Selicia huffed. “Unless you’re scared of a little girl. I suggest you listen to what I have to say.”

The smile on his lips vanished, but the mirth in his eyes lingered. “All right. Let’s hear it.”

She took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. Be careful, she reminded herself. You could still lend up on a silver platter.

She stood straighter, not that it increased her 5’3’’ height, but it made her feel confident.“I’m here to speak to Leender.”

“May I ask in regards to what, my lady?”

His lady? She bit back a retort. Who the hell was this person? He hadn’t even introduced himself. Urgh!  If she was to reach the top of the command, it’d better if she pulled the reins onher temper. She cleared her throat. “Unfinished business.”

He clenched his jaw, and narrowed his eyes. “Tell me, or turn around and leave.”

As much as Secilia wanted to do just that, desperation clawed at her. What would her father say when she returned with no message?

“I’m here to collect what he owes my father.”

He dropped his hands on his sides and fisted them. His gold eyes hardened, a vein ticked on his temple. When he spoke, the words felt like nails pelting on concrete.

“We owe your father nothing.” His chest moved up and down, rage rolled around him.

Selicia fought the urge to flee. Even her own power wouldn’t help her in this situation.

Suddenly he lunged at her and snagged her hand. She yelped, but she wasn’t a match for his inhuman speed. He secured an arm around her neck and the other on her waist, he lowered his lips and whispered in her ear, the heat of his breath bristling her sensitive skin on her ear.

“Whatever game your father is playing, tell him we’ll be ready.”

She struggled, but it was of no use. She jerked her elbow back and a thump sounded as it made impact with his ribs. He didn’t even move. There was only one way she could defeat him. But she needed to shorten the distance between their lips. She wiggled, and heard the sharp intake of breath.

“I’m not playing any game, neither I’m I game for whatever your twisted mind thinks my father is involved in.”

He chuckled. “Not from where I stand, Selicia. You are game in all kind of angles.”

Quickly, she twisted around to face him, and just as fast, his arms circled her waist again, pinning her to him.

“Feisty. Makes it worthwhile.”

“Who are you?” She asked, buying more time for him to let down his guard.

He raised a dark eyebrow. “Would you really like to know?”

She nodded, at the same time letting the spell wash over her. She knew when it worked because his eyes glazed over, and he was leaning forward, his lips parted. She slid a hand on his chest, over his shouldered and around his neck, pulling him to her. Her heart beat faster, and she yanked him down. This was her only chance of escape. She'd have to figure out what she was going to tell her father.

There was a throat clearing then, “Master Leender.” 

She cursed, and yanked him to her.

Immediately, he snapped out of the spell, and glanced over his shoulder. Selicia’s heart rattled painfully as she became aware that she had come close to killing the one person who she’d come to see. He swung his head back and stared at her.

“You cunning girl,” Leender murmured, his voice more amused than angry. “You actually would have killed me. And to think I welcomed you in my Den with open arms.” His lips stretched into a smile, his eyes twinkled.

What was wrong with him? She’d just tried to kill him seconds ago. And he was smiling?

“I will be just a minute. And don’t think you can escape. The house is surrounded.” Leender said, as he strolled away from her, then turned to the man who had interrupted them.

Selicia's darted around the hall. Maybe there was a chance he was wrong about escaping. Shadows moved beyond the walls. She shuddered and settled for staring on as the newcomer whispered in Leender’s ear. Leender shifted his gaze to her, and she shivered. Gone was the amusement in his eyes, and instead was replaced by something that shower her with caused goose bumps.

He turned around and faced her. “Looks like you’ll be keeping us company for a while, Selicia.” He walked – no, stalked – towards her and stopped in front of her. “Apparently you father has one of ours. So, I think it is only kind to return the favour. Guards!”

Before she could comprehend what was happening, two extremely huge men appeared. “Lock her up. It looks like her father wants war. And now, let the games begin."

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