Monday 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Thank you to everyone who took time to follow me, read and comment on my posts. You are treasured. :)

I wish you and your loved ones a 

Happy New Year!!

Tease Me Honey Honey Tease Me-- Reaper's Teaser #2

Hi Friends,

I am back again with the second teaser plus Reaper's Trailer. I had so much fun working on it.  Enjoy!!!

Grim studies me, the silence stretching. Out of nowhere, a wintry breeze sweeps and twirls around my feet, lifting dry grass and leaves from the ground like a baby hurricane. Rubbing my arms at the sudden chill, I scuttle backward, as he glides forward, graceful and frightening. Any traces of cheerfulness evaporate, as his eye burns holes into me. “Normal life? Nothing about this is normal, Novice. I’m Death, not a genie. I don’t go granting wishes unless absolutely necessary.” He levels his face to mine. “You do remember your family’s souls, don’t you?”
My family’s souls? He’s still holding onto them? My legs struggle to hold me up. “I thought—I—” I pull in a shaky breath. “You don’t need my family’s souls. You have mine.”
“Ah, but I do, Novice. Call it my... insurance.”