Thursday 31 October 2013

Hellooooo NaNo! + Homecoming review +Guest post

Yep. You read it right. :) But before I go into that, Ria was kind enough to host me on her blog  A Bookish Escape, about what inspired me when I was creating Anndesia-- Cloaked Devices world, as well as some information about Sera--the heroine in the story. Want to know Sera's favourite moves? Or her choice of weapons? Please check out the post! :)  Ria also reviewed HOMECOMING, and did a casting for both Sera and Levian. Oh my word! I saw the photos and swooned. I am completely humbled about all the feedback I've gotten so far. Thank you to everyone who'd taken a chance to buy, read and review. It means a lot to me. :)

  I'm taking part in NaNo starting tomorrow, and I am really determined to complete the 50,000 words this year. What I am working on? Fate and other Coincidences, a somewhat light and humorous contemporary romance. I can't wait to share  Aayden and Mica's (Michaela) story with you. I got this catchy tag line from my cover designer, the talented Regina Wamba : Sexy Guy.Art. Love.  Aayden is sexy. :D As most of you know, I am quirky. I design my covers way, way in advance. Even before the novel is outlined. I always have this image in my head of how I want it to look like and if I don't get it done on time, I feel as if I'll go crazy.

I found this lovely little program online through Publishing Crawl  It's a free online writing novel organizer and  lets you map out the story. The awesome thing about this? You can access it from anywhere. I have Scrivener, but I can only access it when I'm at home, so I'm hoping to have lots of fun using Hiveword.

Are you taking part in NaNo? Are you excited like me? If anyone's doing this and are looking for a writing buddy, here is my link:

I might not be online so often in the next four weeks, so I really look forward to seeing you all in December with the updates on how my writing went. :)

Happy NaNo-ing!!