Wednesday 29 May 2013

Book Review : Tight Knit by Allie Brennan

Genre: Mature YA Contemporary romance
Author: Allie Brennan
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Book blurb courtesy of Goodreads:
Talia Gregory relies on her Nan for everything, especially helping her calm the anxiety that controls her life. But Nan gets sick, and it couldn’t be worse timing. Talia’s panic attacks are getting worse, her boyfriend is a jerk, her best friend is distant, her parents are more absent than usual and she’s stuck planning the Cozy Christmas Charity Drive for her knitting group in place of Nan. If that’s not panic inducing enough, enter Lachlan.

Lachlan McCreedy doesn’t rely on anyone. Not after what he’s been through. It’s him and Gram, nothing else matters but keeping his past buried, and his secrets hidden. So when Gram forces him to help with her Christmas sale, Talia is the last thing he expected, and trusting her with his secrets comes as a shock to both of them. But when he unexpectedly falls for her, the question becomes can he trust her with his heart?

My review:

I have to admit when I first saw this book, that cover snagged my attention. Then the title. Yep. I am a knitting addict, so me and Talia got along very well in this book. Sometimes I use knitting a therapy. It helps me calm down to rearrange my thoughts in a more lineal fashion. (My thoughts get to be chaotic at times)  Talia did the same to calm down.

So about Tight Knit: 

I loved the characters. Talia, who suffers from panic attacks, meets Lachlan *swoon* when he drops by the shop to pick his grandmother - the shop where Talia attends knitting sessions with other ladies (mostly elderly) Ooh I loved this about Talia. Lachlan is this tattooed boy with a troubled past. As much as he tries to resist Talia, he is drawn to her.

Talia is shy, doesn't have many friends -two actually - who end up betraying her. The only other person who manages to keep her sane, is her grandmother. Her parents are rarely at home. I'd say she is the quiet strong-type heroine who knows what she wants in life, and despite everything that has been thrown her way, she manages to rise above it all.

Lachlan - where do I begin? Other than his swoon-worthiness, he is trouble. Some things happened in his past that made it hard for him to trust people. And the only person he trusts, is his grandmother. By the end of the story, he pulls through, even after his losses -which are many, poor boy - he rises above everything, with Talia by his side.

I loved the slow build-up of their relationship. Talia wasn't afraid to speak her mind when it came Lachlan. And what a HEA for these two. I highly recommend Tight Knit. :)