Monday 25 June 2012

Eye candy Monday featuring Frey and Liese from Truly, Madly Deeply You

Today, Inkspell publishing is featuring the couple from my Novella, Truly, Madly, Deeply, You - Freytag Meier and Liese Hansfield.

Book Summary:

Just when she thought she had lost love, she found her heart and soul.

Four days before Valentine’s Day, Liese Hansfeld is determined to shut the door to her house, as well as her heart, for her annual four days of mourning her one true love. Little does she know her best friend Freytag Meier is just as determined to keep her from her ritual. He’s ready to pick the lock to her apartment door and camp in her living room if that’s what it takes.

What Freytag isn’t prepared for is the surge of deep-rooted emotions he feels for Liese, but two things stand in his way: the grief and guilt she still clutches close to her heart, and a man who threatens to snatch Liese from under Frey’s watchful eye. Frey is determined to distract her into forgetting her pain. But is that enough to ease her grief, or help her see he can be more than her best friend?

To see who Liese and Frey most resemble, head over @ Inkspell page below.


  1. @Kelly: it is, thank you.:)

    @Lynn: thanks

  2. And it's centered around V day too? Love it. Have to check it out for sure. :)

  3. How great, Cece! I'll take a look.

  4. FYI - Got my copy. In the middle of reading it. Love it so far. :)

  5. Sounds like an interesting read. I'll check it out:)

    Happy Weekend!