Monday 9 April 2012

H is for Home

A few weeks ago, my friends and I were debating a particular subject:  Home. How does one define where home is? Everyone had their opinion.  Is it a place where one lives? 

Is home a castle house? 

Or is it a place like this: 

I am originally from Kenya. My mom, three sisters and brother and a whole bunch of relatives are in Kenya. I live here in Vienna with my children. I miss that part of my family, but my other part  is here with me. I've lived in thatched roof houses/huts, lived in posh houses, and in a tent. It was comfortable yes, and to some extent adventurous, but not as home-y as I'd have liked. Would have been much better if my family, my loved ones were with me. 

Right now my heart is in two places: Kenya and Vienna. 

Sometimes when I travel by myself and spend the night someplace far from my children, I toss and turn, and by morning I'm a sleepless mess. It's because my heart isn't attached to that foreign place. 

Personally, I believe home is where you go at the end of a frustrating day, to the arms of the ones who love you and you love. It doesn't matter whether it's in Africa, Europe, Asia... 

Home is where your heart is.

What is home to you?  Would love to know what you think.


  1. beautiful post and i think you are right!

  2. Home can represent so much for people. I'm thankful for it and so much more. Wonderful post.

  3. Wonderful post..You said it, home is where the heart is..

  4. I think home is the people and things that you love the most, but I think you can carry them with you wherever you go in your heart, and that living somewhere new can be home even when you are far from family.