Friday 10 August 2012

Writing Is Like Knitting...

Yesterday  I was going through my knit and crochet projects and found these two bags I had done two years ago, and completely forgot about. To say  I was pleasantly suprised is an understatement. While 'ooh-ed' and 'aah-ed' at the awesome job I had done on them, my mind flitted from them to writing.

When I started crochet and knit as a hobby, it was mainly for therapeautical reasons (To me, any work I have the chance to use my hands is therapeutic, other than laundry that is.) hm, where was I? Yes. knit and crochet projects. The first projects were... not pretty.
I never gave up though. I bought magazines and downloaded those free patterns from websites that offer step by step instructions. Eventually, I managed to work those knit and purls, as well as crochet into something beautiful. Now I'm proud to call myself knitter, crocheter. (I'm not sure this is the right word)

So why am I comparing Writing to Knitting?

When I started my writing journey, everything about it was like my first knitting projects: missing a purl here, a knit there, a stitch somewhere. There were times I wanted to give up,really.I stumbled on, right now my writing is not perfect, but I can say I've come a long way from that first chapter/ story/paragraph I wrote years ago.I read alot and that helps as well. I enjoy visiting other bloggers and writers blogs. Wonderful people to meet and so much to learn. 

Writing might seem like knit, purl, miss a stitch, but eventually with practice, patience and open-mindedness, that pattern repetition will eventually smooth out to a  beautiful Cable knit sweater or scarf, whatever you want it to be.

 And with that, I'd like to share with you some of my knitting and crochet work. I call these ones "book bags" - I know. Not original..LOL. I'm working on a pink one for my daughter.
I will be doing a 200 follower giveaway soon as a thank you for coming back to visit me, check on me, comment, and even encourage me. A few words go a long way, and for that I REALLY appreciate you. I will do book depository giveaways and probably these bags.

My Book Bags. Crochet and Cable knit

Big enough to fit two books

Alyssa, my baby - and no, she is won't be included in the giveaway.. haha She wants to learn to knit so Aly and I have a hot date.
Donell - my other baby. He isn't included either ..haha He knows how to knit

Happy Friday! I say go forth, knit and purl and write with vigor! Let your mind, imagination and fingers take over to weave the best pattern ever. :)


  1. Those bags are amazing! I'm very impressed.

  2. Gorgeous bags and gorgeous babies from a talented, beautiful woman. I bet you're smiling. You deserve it:-) Hugs

  3. i love those bags--you are so talented in knitting and writing--me-i never progressed very far in my knitting skills, maybe my writing is a little better than my knitting---beautiful children :)

  4. Hooked me with the title on this one.

    I agree that both are similar when compared.

    Love your children's photos. :-)

  5. Love the bags and you are right, it is kinda like it..Never though of it that way.

  6. Very impressed. I crotchet, but knitting I just can't get a handle on.

  7. I'm a crocheter too and if it isn't a word it should be. You're much better than I am and I love your comparison to writing.

  8. Love these. I crochet, but I have never been really good at knitting. I love to make afghans especially. It is so nice to curl up under one with a good book and just read on a cool fall/winter night.

  9. @Kelly,
    Thank you. :)

    Thanks. :)hugs right back at you

    Thanks. Knitting takes my mind off stuff. Oh my babies, they are my world. :)

    This is good.I thought of a title that would capture the post and after getting stuck for a while came up with that..:D Glad you like it. Thanks for the compliments.

    Thanks! It just occured to me when I found those bags, how I struggled to get the stitches right the first time. :)

    Crochet is fun, isn't it? I prefer crochet. easy to shape a project the way I want. Knitting is a bit tricky for me. :)

    Oh, very true. It should be a word. :D I love that comparison too. really works when I think about it. :)

    Ooh you crochet Afghans? I'm impressed. You've given me another idea, thanks! I always wanted to start crocheting one. I can imagine curling up in a sofa wrapped up in one. :)

  10. Love this, so very true. I crochet, knit and write, so I know what you mean.

  11. Great post and so true! Those are cute bags and even cuter kids. :)

  12. Wonderful comparison! You're right, they are pretty similar. Your babies are quite cute! And those bags are neat.

  13. Cute bags! I also crochet when I need to turn my brain off, but I haven't had much success with knitting yet. I usually end up with a tangled mess instead.

  14. @Jennifer,

    Thanks! It's really good to meet a fellow crocheter and knitter :)

    Thanks Christine:)

    Thanks, and also thanks for the kind words about my babies. :)

    Thanks. Oh, it's great to meet another crocheter. I prefer crochet to knitting. I get my results more faster. :)

  15. i love the comparison of the knitting and writing....reminds me of back in the days when you used to write stories in your high school books. I loved reading are doing a great job sis....pass my love and kisses to my lovely niece and nephew.........

  16. Peris

    Hey siz, yeah I wish I had kept those stories. :D. Man, that would have been fun reading them all over you *hugs*