Monday 26 December 2011

Tuesday Tales 27th Dec 2011


Ela drew her legs up, wrapped her arms around them, and rested her chin on her knees. She watched the snowflakes as they swirled, performing a tuneless ballet of sorts. Finally, they settled on the white ground outside of the window, merging and becoming one with the lump of snow. Unidentifiable. 

She closed her eyes and exhaled.  It was no use wishing that things were different. She had fallen in love, and fallen hard for the wrong man. And the right reasons. Their hearts were intertwined. 

How she wished she would have been born in another time. A time when being who she was, did not stand in the way, or that she had been born to a more kinder, accepting parent. Oh, how she wished this wasn’t an assignment. But these were the warring times. Love was easily squashed by the heavy fist of a raging war. A stupid war, if anyone was to ask her. But no one did.

She had pledged allegiance to her father, and promised to do everything in her power to ensure victory. She would complete the task, no matter how unpalatable it was, and return home. Given her father's impatience, and the lack of trust he had bestowed on her, he was probably gathering an army to invade Tolidian.

She opened her eyes, brushing them with the back of her sleeve, hardening her resolve. It would be much better to see the light fade from Sildian's eyes while he was in her arms, than wait until her father's soldiers stormed in and took his life in the most cruel and inhuman way possible. And if this is what it took for her father to love her as his daughter, and not compare her with a son he never had, or ever would,  maybe, just maybe this would be  the beginning of a relationship she so craved.

She straightened as muted footfalls on the thick carpet reached her ears. Quickly, she brushed her eyes repeatedly, hoping she had time to compose herself before whoever who was approaching her took note of her state. 

She took another deep, shuddering breath, exhaled, and waited as the footfalls drew closer. 

Moments later,  the cushion she sat on dipped, capturing his weight as he settled himself behind her, his strong well-toned arms wrapping around her. Spring sunshine, mint and earth tickled her senses, a scent she had come to associate with him. His warmth seeped into her back as he pulled her to him. She shivered unable to control her body as she felt his fingers gently push her hair to the side, the tips of those fingers she so adored sending sensations from her neck, and spreading to the toes of her feet.  She bit back a groan as his lips brushed softly on the nape of her neck, and inhaled sharply as he traced his lips along her jawline. 

She closed her eyes, as heaven descended on earth, savouring the feel she knew she won't be experiencing again.

His fingers traced the lines of her face as if memorizing it, then settled on her chin, cupped it with one hand and urged her to turn around, all the while murmuring so softly, as his lips inched closer to hers. 

Her eyes flew open as the power within her leaped to life, warming it's way up throat, urging her on.   Slowly, she turned around, avoiding his lips as they sought hers. 

She reigned the power as she brushed her lips on his, then quickly moved and began tracing his jawline, the stumble tickling her lips. She turned and faced him, pushing him on his back, following him as he lay down, his brown eyes never leaving hers.

“Very pushy today, are we?” Sildian said, a lazy smile playing on his lips as he adjusted his body so that she lay on top of him.

She didn’t answer. Instead she maneuvered herself lest he became suspicious of her intentions. and continued to brush kisses along his arms, leashing  in the lethal  power. Finally, she sighed in relief as the power settled within her.

 She inched her way up toward his face,  and lifted her gaze to his. Gold flecks flickered  in his, as flames filmed along his arms, his face. She watched in fascination as it spread covering every inch of his body.  He leaned forward slightly and snaked his arms around her waist, pulling her up close down, embracing her until she didn't know where she ended and where he began. LIfting one had to her face, he stroked her chin with his thumb, leaning forward, love, lust, trust bright in his eyes.

She stiffened.  This was her chance. 

As if called forth, the power emerged again, soaring within her, dancing on her tongue begging to be released.

 Forgive me, my love, my Sildian. “I wish…” she whispered as he brought his lips to hers, capturing hers hardly giving her time to finish the sentence.

After a moment, he pulled away his breathing heavy, a frown on his face. “What do you wish for, my Ela? Anything for you. I will lay my life for you, if that is what you wish of me.”  

Tears sprang in her eyes, and flowed down her face. She began stroking his face, smoothening the frown lines that marred his rugged beauty.  “I wish I was someone else, someone you deserve."

She was just in time to see the frown deepen as she quickly lowered her lips to his. The gold flecks in his eyes faded, turning the brown to black. Souless. Lifeless.

This one is for you Father. 

Her eyes, burned as tears threatened to blind her, her throat warmed up as the life and love she was taking created a pleasant burning sensation as it always did, right before bitterness as sour as lemons wiped the pleasantness, replacing it with heartache born of lost love.

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