Thursday 12 September 2013

Cover Reveal: I Am Yours by Faith Sullivan & More Than Just A Kiss Blogfest

More Than Just A Kiss Blogfest continues ~ The blogfest is open to everyone. Hit us with that kisstastic snippet. Make us swoon, laugh, sigh, cry, and yearn. All you need to do is sign up HERE.
Today I will share with you a snippet from How Many Ways (Truly Madly short story)

Frey fought to keep his eyes on her face, but lost the battle. His hands fell to his sides. His gaze dipped low and hovered on her breasts, then down and quickly up again. He couldn't linger down there. Otherwise he'd lose control. It was already frayed as it was.

"God, you're beautiful, Sweet Li," he said. "Your beauty surpasses my imagination."

"You've imagined how I look?"

"A million times, but those images don't come close to this." Frey brought his mouth to hers, but kissed the side of her mouth instead. He nibbled and kissed her jaw, avoiding her lips knowing if he kissed her sweet mouth it would be over before it began. She tilted her head to meet his lips and whimpered when he didn’t fulfil her wish.

"Your mouth, your kiss is addictive and I want this to last. If I do kiss you, I'm afraid I might not last," he murmured in her ear. “Liese, you have no idea how many ways I've imagined touching you–really touching you. How many ways I’ve dreamt about making sweet love to you." Frey slid his fingertips down her spine to the small of her back and her knees buckled. He scooped her in his arms swiftly before she slipped on the floor, brought his mouth to her ear and whispered, “You are mine, Liese and I promise to show you.” He carried her to their bedroom and lay her on the bed.

And now for the cover reveal... My wonderful friend Faith Sullivan's third book in the Heartbeat series is set for release on 8th October, 2013. Just look at that cover. Isn't it lovely and romantic? Congrats, Faith!  <3  

I Am Yours (Heartbeat #3)
Release Date: October 8, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult

Summary from Goodreads:

Adam is at a crossroads.

He has Katie on his mind and Jada in his bed.

Now with the ultimate choice before him, he must decide between fantasy and reality. 

Katie's his dream girl, but Jada's his best friend, his partner. As a paramedic, he's supposed to save lives, not wreck them. Yet his failure to commit leaves a trail of heartache in his wake.

Things come to a head at his brother's wedding when a surprise announcement leaves Adam scrambling to pick up the pieces. Sure, women find his shaggy blond hair and aquamarine eyes irresistible. But to him, sex is nothing but a means of escape ... until it turns into a psychological trap.

His mind is telling him one thing, while his heart is beating another. He's not sure what he wants when it comes to a serious relationship. Sorting out his feelings, he finally comes to a startling realization. 

He is capable of love. But what if it's too late?

Books in this trilogy:
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About the Author:

Faith Sullivan is an author of New Adult contemporary romances including the HEARTBEAT trilogy, the TAKE ME NOW series and the 9/11 novel, UNEXPECTED.

Where to find Faith Sullivan:



  1. Loved your kissing scene - very sexy!

  2. Amazing kissing scene! *fans self*

    Loving Faith's cover!

    1. Thank, you! :) True, Faith's cover is really gorgeous.:)

  3. Great scene! A lot of fanning going on today. :) And yay for Faith!

    1. thank you, @ fanning. :D Steam rules, :D

  4. This scene is a ten on the steamy scale, I was entranced. Frey has definitely waited long enough. Faith's cover is the most passionate of the trilogy. I like it.

    1. Thank you Roe. :) Yeah, Frey's been a very patient best friend, but finally, finally he's got his girl :D

      Yep, totally love Faith's cover!

  5. Delicious and lip smacking kiss! :D I also loved the cover.


  6. Such a delicious scene! Really sexy!
    Congrats to Faith. Great cover!
    Writer In Transit