Sunday 14 April 2013

Creating Characters .

Sometimes when reading a book, I always wondered how the author came about to create fleshed out characters -or not so fleshed out. At times, the characters are so real, you feel as if they are sitting right next to you and talking to you. Or breathing down our neck in anger.

When I am planning a story, I just write, not stopping to think 'Hey, is this how so and so would react?' because when I stop to really think about it, I end up overthinking which leads to 'oh gosh am I doing this right?' then finally 'My brain is so exhausted!'

Right after a few chapters - say I write from one to five, and I have an idea what is going on or where the story is going, then I go back to the first chapter to work it through to get the emotions/personalities right (probably a strange way of doing this..LOL) 

How do I flesh out my characters?

I do a bit of people-studying - if there are any to study. Sometimes I use book resources as my reference.The one I mostly use as reference: Heroes & Heroines: The Complete Writer's Guide to Sixteen Master Archetypes by Tami D. Cowden, Caro LaFever and Sue Viders. I love this one because on every page margin, they give examples of movies featuring that character archetype.

If this doesn't work - like was the case in my YA, Reaper's Novice (Ana's brother and Sister) I used my son and daughter as archetypes..LOL oh, not every on very aspect, but basics.

What do you do to flesh out your characters? Any book resources/references?


  1. I like to talk to them and hear what they say back to me. I find out a lot about them that way. I try to do that in private.

  2. I get right inside their heads. Whatever they say, think, smell and see transfers through my fingers to make words on the screen. Go, girl, go.
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  3. I've heard of the archetypes book several times and I really need to pick up a copy :) I generally spend some serious time inside my character's heads, letting myself see the world through their eyes. Not so sure that always works well though!

  4. Only 16 archetypes Cecilia? Who knew?

  5. I'm completely the opposite of you - I overthink things all the time! I work out all the details before I start writing. But luckily, there's no one way or even a right way to do things in writing. Everybody's different. It sounds like your way is the perfect way for you! :-)

  6. Cece, sharing you secrets. Thanks so much.

    I don't think your way is odd at all. I use index cards and note each quality as I create them. Then after the story progresses I have something to refer to. I know someone else that uses Dungeon and Dragons to create their characters. I've never tried it, but I always keep it mind.

    Oh, and I love the post. :-)