Monday 18 March 2013

Monday Music featuring Michael Bublé

Happy Monday!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
So today I wanted to share with you one of my all time favourite singers. Who else than the man himself...

Christmas 9Image from

Michael is one of those artists I adore. His cover songs are deliciously good. At times I find myself enjoying his versions more that the original ones. Maybe it's his voice, or the kind of magic he infuses in the songs... there is something intangible about it, which is why most of his songs are on my play list for A Need so Insatiable - my contemporary romance. It will be released in Winter 2013.

Call me a romantic, but I LOVE this video, and the words of this song. *swoon*

 Any Bublé fans out there? What's your favourite song? Or any other favourite song from any other artist, band....?


  1. Happy Monday! Every time I listen to him, I wonder why I don't more :) He definitely has some kind of intangible magic to his songs!

  2. Meradeth,
    I combined a list on spotify and everytime I listen to his songs, I'm thinking "wow, sounds even better!" :)