Sunday 30 December 2012

Tease Me Honey Honey Tease Me -Reaper's 10 Teasers

Hello friends! 

Reaper's Novice releases in ten days. Yay! I'm really excited about this. As per the post heading -- I am a true ABBA fan-- I will be sharing with you ten teasers until the release day. 

Teaser #1

I half-walk, half-stumble towards the car. Out of nowhere, a hand grabs my upper arm, pulling me back, speaking words my mind cannot process. I don’t bother to look, just yank my arm back, my feet thrusting me forward. Something crunches under my ballet flats, and I glance down. Completely shocked to inactivity, my lungs shut down, and I drop to my knees, dizzy at my discovery. I barely register my rucksack slipping off my shoulders.As if disconnected from my body, my trembling fingers stretch out to pick up the white rectangular metal plate with familiar numbers on it.

 Happy Holidays!