Tuesday 1 May 2012

Review: Bared To You by Sylvia Day

Author: Sylvia Day

Source: Netgalley

Pub. date: April 3, 2012

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Book Summary:

Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness—beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I'd never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily...

Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would become the mirrors that reflected each other's most private wounds... and desires.

The bonds of his love transformed me, even as I prayed that the torment of our pasts didn't tear us apart..
Source: Goodreads

Eva and Gideon are two characters I enjoyed reading about. They are flawed, and even though at first it feels as if their relationship is based on sexual attraction, it gradually changes as they get to know each other. Each has issues, and both are possessive of the other. Eva has gone through so much in her life, and she is still struggling with the sheer weight of what happened to her years ago.
Cary, Eva's best friend also has some issues as well. So both sitck up for each other and encourage.

I am really curious to find out more about Gideon, his past. I'm definetely looking forward to the second book in the Crossfire series.


  1. Glad I found this book, it was a great read with a powerful story. I have to admit I read this story because of the comparisons to Fifty Shades. However, I have to say the only similarities I noted were the way the story is told from Eva's, the female protagonist's point of view and Gideon the male protagonist was billionaire wealthy. I felt this book was darker than books I have previously read, because both Eva and Gideon were deeply and painfully abused, Eva in childhood and I am assuming Gideon's abuse was a well. Gideon's abuse and to what extent has not been revealed yet, maybe it will be in the sequel. Their pasts add so much drama to their relationship, but eventually they always find their way back to each other because of their deep love. This is the type of book that stays with you long after you have read it.

  2. Yay! glad you liked this book as well. I picked it up because I was looking for book similar to 50 shades. Although the a few similarity is there - between Eva and Anastasia - Eva's past is more painful and deeper. And Gideon- oh Gideon *sigh* is not as obsessive and possessive as Grey, though he enjoys control.. :D I loved both characters. I'm glad Ms Day waited to show Gideon's past - hopefully in the second book. Thanks for stopping by Ceska. :)