Sunday 1 April 2012

2012 A-Z Challenge

Today marks the begining of the 2012 A - Z Challenge, and I am really excited to be taking part in it. The reason is that it's going to be a challenge coming up with topics, as I'm not very good at finding blogging topics. There. I said it.  :D Besides, I love a good challenge. :)

A is for Attraction. Such a lovely word. 

Macmillian dictionary, the online version has about four definations.

I'll go with a reason for liking something or for being interested in it

and the other one

a force such as gravity that pulls or keeps things together

Everyone is attracted to one thing or another because you see something valuable in it/them. Speaking for myself, a couple of things make me attracted to someone of something.

An example books: Usually, when I walk into a bookstore, it's the covers that pull the eye. Then I sidle closer, pick the book and read the description. That's when I buy it. It might sound silly, but, for some reason, I can't do otherwise. :) Call it habit.

Another example is what I am attracted to. e.g the opposite sex for the first time or eighth time. The colour of his eyes, the shape of his lips, hair, and the certain angle he tilts his head when talking, ... ok you get the picture ;)

In novels, especially romance, it's all about attraction (and plot). What the hero and heroine see in each other, how gravitational force  pulls their  atoms together. They might start hating each other to death. Even be tempted to smother the other with a pillow while he/she sleeps. Eventually, something always brings them together. Or they might be best friends who've known each other forever, and they realise that whatever characteristics each possesses has played a big part in attraction. Or they meet for the first time, and have that instant attraction.

When I travel to a particular town or country, what might attract me the most is the natives, the weather, the surroundings - personally I am obsessed with baroque buildings/houses - 

So, what attracts you to something, someplace or to someone?


  1. I hear ya about the books! I am so attracted to some covers. I think that there are times that I have bought books based solely on the cover itself.

  2. hhah, me too Sara. I good cover soothes the soul..:D Thanks for stopping by