Tuesday 24 April 2012

U is for Unwritten

Sometimes life seems to spin round and round, and hardly have my toes touched the ground, it takes off again.

Ever woken up and felt as if everything seemed to be repeating itself like the previous days, months, or years before? Feel as if you neither moving forward not back, always standing in the same place, sinking, sinking into the quicksand called life?

Yep. I felt that way today. Sort of like that movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. Alarm went off, woke up, zombie-shuffled into the bathroom, took a shower, drank my tea and dashed out of the door to catch my bus at 6am. Yesterday was the same, and the day before, and the day before (I'm really glad I have some off days coming up..phew. :D)

Anyway, once I plugged my earphones in my ears, and pressed a song from my mobile and relaxed, I realised it was one of my favourite songs. And I haven't listened to in a while: Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. Not only are the lyrics uplifting, she has a fantastic voice.

Later on I thought  about my morning. Every morning I get the gift of waking up, watch the sun rise (or the drizzling rain). What I choose to do about my day, is up to me. I have the ability to decide if it will be as boring or consuming as the previous one. Open a blank page, write. No one else can write it for me. With that I'd like to share Natasha's song from Youtube. Hope it brightens your day. :)

Ever felt as if you are having Groundhog Day? What do you think about 'writing the unwritten'?


  1. I have a lot of these thoughts these days, I strive to make a difference daily but sometimes it feels like i'm in a hamster wheel. Great song!

  2. I think each and every single day we wake up with a blank slate and we can write whatever we like. We are our own authors.

  3. you have been reading my mind--i have commented to so many people in my life recently--how i am feeling like that movie---great song and post

  4. Beautiful song! And this hit home for me today as I'm feeling a bit like Groundhog Day myself for some reason. Great post. :)

  5. Love NB's unwritten song. Writing the unwritten would be most excellent. Is that even possible?Ground hog day? Bleh. Sometimes that's life, huh? Great post.

  6. A lot of my days are like Groundhog days - except that the words I wrote are different each day, and my characters take me on different routes.

  7. @Kate; Thanks Kate. Oh, you are right about the Hamster Wheel. Good thing is you try to make a difference. Makes a big difference. :)

    @Savannah : I hear you Savannah! Very true. :)

    @Lynn: Thanks, Lynn. I guess that happens when there seems to be an endless stream of stuff going on, always the same thing.

    @Julie: Thanks, Julie. Hope your day gets better. Groundhog Days are exhausting. Sending you hugs. HOpe it helps. :)

    @Mina: NB is amazing. :)hahah we can try, I think. Maybe veer abit from the usualness (is that even a word) of every day.

    @Paula - Oh, you are absolutely right about that one. mmh our Characters are amazing, aren't they?