Wednesday 7 March 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group - Confessions, Confessions.

First of all, I'd like to thank Alex Cavanaugh for hosting this group. I'm really looking forward to meet other authors, as well as learn what challenges they face. It sort of like drawing strength from each other. Writing is not easy. 

And from time to time, I realise I need someone to talk to about my writing projects like when I am uncertain if the story is working the way it should, if it is enticing enough to draw readers to it, or even it is worth writing it. Sometimes doubts attack from all sides, and I just feel like I'll drop the current project, especially in this world of writing trends when you have an idea for a story, then the next thing, you find that someone has been there and done that.

Right now, I have like three books I use as my writing references to improve on my writing. I also enjoy reading in many genres and different writers in the attempt of developing my own style, what I don't like about a particular style and in general learn something from books. On top of that there are so many writing rules to follow I end up confused.

What I'm trying to say, sometimes I'm afraid of never living up to what readers expect from me, from my story.  I understand everyone has their own tastes/thoughts about a story and how it works for them. But still, there is that nagging thought...will the readers like/enjoy this story?

What are you afraid of? What makes you insecure?


  1. What makes me most insecure is the thought of an editor reading what I've felt proud of and dismissing it as no good! Sob.

  2. You are so right, Linda. I once forward my MS ot an editor, and once I read the feedback, I wanted to sink on the floor and never ever write again. It was awful!

  3. Hello Cece! Nice to meet you. I found you through Alex's IWSG. Welcome to the group!

    I could fill a book with what makes me insecure, but this group, as well as everyone out here in Bloggyland, has greatly helped me feel at ease and know that I am not alone. I hope you experience the same feeling of unity. Know that all of us writers feel the same fears and insecurities. The more you put your work out there, the more criticism you receive, the tougher you will, get and the better your writing will be.

    I'm not sure which books on craft you keep as resources, but, having read many, the best ones are:
    The Fire in Fiction & Writing the Breakout Novel, both written by lit agent Donald Maass.
    Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell
    The Plot Whisperer by Martha Alderson

    Of course, there are many out there, most of which I've read, but these, in my opinion, are the best.

  4. I know what you mean about confusing rules. Personally I try to get the major things right - spelling and enough punctuation and grammatical correctness for the reader to be able to follow my meaning, but try not to get so bogged down with it all that I'm scared to write in case I make a tiny error.

  5. What a beautiful blog you have. Stumbled in here from the IWSG and just like you I confess to be insecure. Rules and more rules as well as a whole different language will confuse anyone who has not been around for awhile. Nice to meet you and I will be back.

  6. Found you on IWSG. Firstly, your blog is lovely! I love the colors and your personal creative touches!

    My fear is never seeing my stories in print. In the beginning, I thought my fears were of editors / agents and publishing houses, but my real fear stems from my own procrastination. It's the chain that binds me, and whether or not, I'll ever let myself loose. I can think about publishing my work all day long, but if I don't sit my butt in the chair, it'll never get done.

    Great to meet you!

  7. Hi Nancy, Thanks :)
    And thanks again for the book references. I'll be sure to check those out. It's not easy to find good books. I'm so glad I'm taking part in this blog hop, I've met wonderful people as well as read encouraging posts. :)

  8. Hi Patsy, mmh, I should try to write without getting bogged down by the rules first. That way the story shuold flow better..mmh:)

  9. Hi Siv, Thanks: )Nice to meet you too.

  10. Hi Candy, Thank you for the comments. :)
    Oh, you are right about that. Procastination is my number one enemy, and yet he/she keeps coming back. Ugh.
    It's great to meet you too. :)

  11. I'm with LindaK...the thing that makes me most insecure is sharing my work, especially with agents (at least that part is over) or editors! My publisher submissions start Monday...good vibes most welcome! :)

  12. Hey Ann Marie, Oh gosh. You are right. Sharing work, not sure whether anyone will like what you wrote with your whole heart is frightening.!
    Woot Woot! Sending you good vibes. :)