Tuesday 20 March 2012

Author Feature: Patsy Collins

Today I have the pleasure of having Patsy Collins. She's about to share with us what inspired her to write her book 'Escape To The Country' which will be released on 26th March, 2012. So, without further ado, let's welcome Patsy.

Thank you for inviting me over to talk about 'Escape to the Country', Cecilia!

This is the first of my novels to be published. I'm hoping it won't be the last - I have others I hope will get there someday! It's the story of Leah, a city girl who escapes her problems, and finds love, on her aunt's farm.

You asked me, "What inspired you to write this story?"

I like to write the sort of books (and short stories) I enjoy reading. That means characters I can relate to, doing things I enjoy, in locations I like. Fortunately that makes for pleasant research. Observant readers will spot several scenes involving slightly odd people eating a lot in picturesque countryside!

We're told to write what we know and I think that's good advice (although there are plenty of cases where writers successfully write about things they didn't know about before starting their books) Often we think the things we know about are boring and feel we should research exotic locations, extreme characters and unusual occupations to add colour. We forget other people will have different life experiences to us and what seems ordinary to me - driving a tractor, milking cows and delivering calves might be new and interesting to others.

You also wanted to know, "If there is a story behind the story?"

I suppose so in a way although it hadn't occurred to me until you asked.

I grew up on a farm and worked there for a time after I left school. My life is now very different Although I never had any need to escape the farm I'm now almost a townie. I guess I'm trying to show it's OK for people to change.

Were you hoping for a confession involving my own Dishy Duncan and a hay barn? Sorry, but I'm keeping some of my research methods to myself!

There you have it! And yes, I was really hoping Patsy would dish out more about Duncan. There's always a next time. :D

It was a pleasure having you on my blog, Patsy.

Like to know more about Patsy, and what she is up to? http://patsy-collins.blogspot.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/PatsyCollins.writer


  1. Don't worry Patsy - we don't need the hay barn details! Congratulations again.

  2. 'Odd people eating a lot in picturesque countryside.....'

    Oh Patsy, was that you rustling about behind the hawthorn hedge? You have been spying on our family picnics!

  3. Great blog post Patsy, it's always best to leave some things to the imagination. I think romance is often about the chase, after that, ???

  4. Hello Cecilia! Thank you for hosting fabulous flame haired Patsy and her roll in the hay with her very own Dishy Duncan! She's got that twinkle in her eye!

    Take care

  5. I enjoyed this post. Thank you Cecilia. Congrats Patsy. I'm learning more and more about you as an author and Escape to the Country. I'm excited about your novel and look forward to reading it :-)

  6. Thanks for interviewing me, Cecilia.

    Joanne, don't worry I won't tell anyone ...

    I do think romance is mainly about the chase - and that's not just because sex scenes are notoriously difficult to write! As Alex says, we don't always need every detail and I like to leave a little to the reader's imagination.

  7. Oh, It was a pleasure having you here on my blog, Patsy.

    . @Old Kitty, - Patsy just got me hooked. I have to find out more about Duncan :D

    @Diane - Oh, it was a pleasure having her here on my blog. And her book sounds scrumptious

  8. Hey Alex,Joanne, Suzy,

    Thanks for hopping by, I truly enjoyed Patsy's post as well. :)

  9. Yup, farming definitely seems exotic to me :-)

  10. Sarah, that's because you've not spent much time knee deep in .. er ... manure.