Sunday 26 February 2012

Six Sentence Sunday (#3) 26th Feb

Another Sunday, another Six. Wow, it's been  a while since I took part in this wonderful hop. Today, I will be posting the first six form my WIP YA dark fantasy, Grim Reaper's Novice. This is the begining of the story. Two years ago Ana's (the MC), family were involved on a car accident claiming their lives. She traded her soul for the four souls of her family, to work for the Grim Reaper. 
Now she is about to be tested before she graduates to Soul Collector graduate. Unfortunately she has no idea what the test involves, and with Grim, well, it's not like she will be given a multiple choice test to circle the correct answers. :D

So, here we go:

My soul belongs to the Grim Reaper. Most nineteen year olds I know, are in the Uni, engaged to be married or bouncing a baby on their hip.

Not me. I collect souls for a living, a decision I don’t regret making.
Inside the Watchman Chamber of the south tower of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, I’m drawn to the summer blue  sky highlighted with red and orange streaks, and the fading yellow of the setting sun. Doves coo from somewhere close. I tap my high heeled foot fuelled by a fast beat song blaring from my music player. These are the rare moments of my self-created paradise while waiting for my assignments from The Grim Reaper.

Ok that went a bit beyond the Six sentences. 

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  1. Great beginning, has me hooked! Loved the visuals... Looks like they deleted your link for going over...

  2. Thanks, Angela. Oh was wondering what's up, WIll make sure to make it exact next Sunday.