Sunday 12 February 2012

Kiss of Twilight by Loribelle Hunt Review

Title: Kiss of Twilight

Publisher: Carina Press

Pub Date: December 26, 2011

ISBN: 9781426892936
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Dupree Jackson is everything a senior soldier of the Order of Templar should be. Cold. Unbreakable. A master at arms in the fight against demons. But as a hybrid, Dupree is beginning to lose himself to the demon half of his soul. One woman has the power to save him. If he lets her.

Kara Stone wants two things in life: to be merged with a demon so that she can become a full member of the Order; and Dupree Jackson. She knows they are meant to be together, if only Dupree would love her back.

Though his desire for Kara is undeniable, Dupree's need to protect her is stronger. Not wanting to see her merge, to face the internal struggle he deals with every day, he refuses to bond with her. But when Kara becomes a target and uncovers a dark secret about her past, Dupree may no longer have a choice...

My Review:

Kiss of Twilight was a real treat. Although I haven’t read the first book in the series, I didn’t feel as if I missed a lot, given that the author gave a background of what happened to Dupree and his family. As well as his connection with Kara. It is fast paced, that and the characters were wonderfully drawn. That and the attraction between Dupree and Kara, danger lurking in every corner made this a wonderful read. Yeah it was a bit frustrating to see two people who loved one and couldn’t live without each other, not really doing anything about it (actual that was Dupree’s part,) but I understood his fears about not wanting to hurt/lose Kara. (So I imagine how Kara felt at Dupree’s stubbornness..:)

Other than the love connection between these two, there’s a lot going on in the book, which was enough to keep me interested. This is a world where lupines, hybrids (half human half demons) fight demons. A world where trust has to earned.

A wonderful read for fans of paranormal stories.

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