Sunday 18 December 2011

Six Sentence Sunday (#2) 18th Dec

Another Sunday, another six sentences, but somehow today I went over the required sixes. 
Here goes the continuation from last Sunday's which can be found Here

Abruptly, he stopped his pacing, and crossed his arms over his chest, his eyes narrowed to slits as if in concentration.
She paused as well, eyeing him warily and fisted her hands to stop the trembling. Probably weighing how much I'd fill his stomach
"So, he sent you. A mere girl, not a day older than eighteen is my guess." 
Selicia bristled, the triumphant feeling of before evaporating at the tone of his voice. "And you know that how?"
His eyes travelled up and down the length of her short height, and chuckled. "Go back, little girl. Tell your employer to send someone more...worthy of my attentions."

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