Monday 12 December 2011

Liebster Award

My friend and author, Victoria Watson, presented me with this wonderful award a while back. It took me a while to put it up. I am so sorry Vic. Please don't think I didn't want the award. On the contrary, I wanted to hold on to it for a while, savour the feel of having the 'dearest' award as we say here in Vienna. And finally I am ready to let go. *smile* 

If you’re lucky enough to be given one of these awards:

1. Thank the blogger who was kind enough to bestow this kind honour on you and link back to     their blog
2. Choose your five top picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
3. Copy and paste the award onto your blog.

Hope that the bloggers you’ve passed the award onto do the same thing.

Thank you Victoria Watson for loving me 'Liebster' much

So here goes the bloggers am sharing this love with.

Thanks Victoria Watson.

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