Wednesday 30 November 2011

Married to Murder Blog Tour

I am really excited to have Jennifer Oberth guest blog here. I had the opportunity to read her short story "Married to Murder" and as short stories go, this one was absolutely enchanting and funny. Checkout my review below the guest post.

Without further ado, here is the post:

The New Way Readers and Authors Connect

There are so many issues people have with Twitter and Facebook and other social media. I'm not referring to technical issues – don't even get me started with technical issues! But the impersonal feel of these interactions. The strange turnaround effect of social media distancing us from each other instead of bringing us closer.

It's time to change that. As authors, there's no excuse (except the time it takes to craft a plan, much like we do outlines or notes or a good sit-down-and-think) not to really communicate via social media. Ask yourself why you became an author in the first place? To connect. To inspire. To entertain. To reach.

Right? And while I might love to hear about a favorite author's eating of a taco, I really don't care about the other fifty or so I follow or look up. But if the author Tweeted about a taco used as a murder weapon, or some charming, connected, humorous communication - I feel included.

This goes for readers, too. As a reader, if you make me laugh, you've got me. If you share pertinent info, I'll retweet it.

Most (I assume all) authors are readers and fans, too. As an author, think of what you like, who you follow, what reaches out and grabs you. Examine that and then provide your own version of that. Don't copy someone else's style because it'll come off as disingenuous. Discover and develop your own style. By playing around, don't worry if you're not perfect the first time out or even the hundredth. We're all learning – we're all like the kid learning to walk for the first time. Nothing stops them from getting up again.

Allow feedback from your readers. Encourage it.

And readers, talk back! Communicate with your author and let them know you like them or they've got you. Just as you would write a review of a book that affected you (good or bad), do the same (respectful) thing in social media.

How cool is this day and age when you, as a reader, can read a book and instantly communicate with the author? I once sent an e-mail to an author to tell him how much I was enjoying his book – before I even finished the book! That's cool!

This is an age where you can connect with authors instantly and give feedback that may effect the author's next work or two. E.J. Copperman, for example, blogged his next book cover before it was finalized and asked for reader feedback. No one would have done that ten years ago. Use the opportunity the new age of social media offers and really enjoy it. (Just remember you're communicating with human beings so be respectful.)

Authors, do in social media, what you do as an author and CONNECT WITH YOUR READER.

Readers, you can help published authors you enjoy get noticed by word of mouth, posting reviews and following them online. Obscurity is the arch enemy of the author.

If both sides take responsibility in our 'social media-ing', I think we can come out of this happier, more connected people. Isn't that why we're writing and seeking out books in the first place? And Blogs like this one?!


Jennifer Oberth is a mystery writer from Chicago. She’s written Married To Murder, (Kindle, Nook) and Honeymoon Homicide, (Kindle, Nook) – 99¢ short story mysteries. You can reach her on her Blog, Twitter and Facebook Page.

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The soon-to-be Mrs. Ella Westin doesn't remember adding 'solve a murder' to her bridal to-do list but when she stumbles over the dead body of her matron of honor, it looks like she'll have no choice. Especially as her groom is the one and only suspect. Throw in bad weather, a deaf hairdresser, a ruined wedding cake and a not so retired pirate and it's enough to make Ella want to throttle everyone in sight.

Can she catch the killer before the wedding is called off? Or will she be Married To Murder?

My Review:

This was a short story I thoroughly enjoyed reading, and is set in 1800s. Ella is a very determined bride to be. When she stumbles upon a body in the morning of her wedding. It turns out the body belongs to her maid of honour. Her boss insists she has to investigate the case, given that the evidence points to her soon to be husband. And she has only two hours  before her wedding to find the murderer, clear her fiancĂ©e off all the charges and get married. Besides being a determined bride, I found Ella’s character to be witty through her thoughts and dialogue. Ms. Oberth wrote a very satisfactory ending of the story, with an unexpected turn of events.
 I highly recommend this short story, and I’m looking forward to  reading more of Ms. Oberth’s stories.

5/5 Stars


  1. Thank you for having me over, Cecilia. It was a lot of fun. And I'm tickled pink that you loved 'Married To Murder'!

  2. My pleasure, and thank you for hanging out with me here. We had a blast, didn't we?
    I truly enjoyed reading "Married to Murder". I will check your other Ella Westin stories as well.

  3. I am stopping by from the blog tour.

    I didn't get to review the book, but will be posting my interview on December 10. Hope you can stop by.



  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I will definitely stop by on your on the 10th December. I am curious about your thoughts on 'Married to Murder'. Thank you for following.