Friday 26 August 2011


I never thought I would one day say this; writing is difficult! In my mind, I have all these ideas crashing on one another and when I sit down to put them on paper (or type them out), they are completely different from the picutre in my head.  Great respect to anyone who has taken the step and finished their story. Be proud, it's uniquely you and it's yours.


  1. I meant to say 'picture' from the posting above. Sorry.

  2. Writing is difficult, but know that your not alone, I set goals for myself, ten pages per day, I write pretty much the same time during the week on top of juggling being a mom, wife and household, and other things I like to do such as working out.

    On the weekends I write much longer pending kids and hubby give me the time, I also have a outline that way I have a guide what I want to write per chapter.

    In addition, I have decided to write books out of YA genre so I write adult novels as well, you will find your writing niche, I've completed two books (the first PNR is being edited and the second book in series is on hold because a series cannot be one if the first hasn't sold so I had to rewrite it as a stand alone even though it has series potential and my adult books are all stand alones, I am so glad we are networking and look forward to us working hard at our dream and encouraging each other.

  3. Your Terry Pratchett quote is so true. Still laughing, Geoff.

  4. Thanks, Geoff. Terry Pratchett is a blast. Love his books as well. :) It's great to meet you and thanks for stopping by.